How does VASER work – Physics behind vaser

VASER selectively targets fat cells without affecting blood vessels and nerves. Thus it is safer than conventional tumescent liposuction. The sound waves follow a sine wave curve alternatingly expanding and contracting the fat cells. At a certain stage he fat cells burst due to excess of surface tension.


Because of this specificity, the aspirated fat is virtually blood less


Indications for VASER

1. VASER 4 D for 6 – pack surgery, hour glass figure surgery and buttock reshaping.

2. Abdomen VASER

3. Contouring of thighs

4. Breast reduction (scarless)

5. Male breast surgery – Gynecomastia

6. Neck liposuction

7. Calf & ankle liposuction

Advantage of VASER for the patient

1. The process is virtually blood less – enhanced recovery

2. Skin contraction – leading to skin tightening – almost no loose skin after surgery.

3. Larger areas can be combined together since the process is more safe

4. Much better body contours as superficial liposuction is more safe in VASER

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