Nipple size reduction Treatment

For the first two days after the surgery, you may feel discomfort and some pain. The surgeon may prescribe medication to ease your pain and discomfort. You should be aware of these things such as:

1. You may experience bruising

2. Numbness in the area of the surgery

3. Swelling of the breasts

4. Tingling in the nipple-areola complex

All these may get over with time. You should be careful about the postures of your sleep after the surgery. In order to help the heeling process, the doctor may suggest you to sleep on your back for the first week after the surgery. You should wear special surgical bra for the first few days. You should not wear bras that are too tight. It will cause skin problems. You should try to wear your bra almost all the time, excluding during bathing, in order to keep the breast in position.

The possible risks of the surgery include the general risks that are possible for any other surgery. Some possible risks may include:

1. Infection

2. Scarring and

3. Loss of nipple sensation

Mostly, the result of the surgery may last forever. But, it is to be remembered that, the shape and size of the breast may alter over time as a result of aging.

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