Female Genital Rejuvenative Surgery ( Intimacy Surgery)

Hymen surgery ( revirgination surgery )

Some women request for a creation of the hymen. This is usually requested for before marriage. Most women have had some sexual experiences and fear it may be discovered by the husband. Some women have also had unfortunate events, exploitation, and request for the hymen creation to mentally remove the stigma. The procedure is day care one, performed under local anesthesia, and the patient can go to work immediately after the procedure

Labia surgery(Labiaplasty, labia reduction surgery )

Some women have large inner labia lips which seem to protrude out. They are easily corrected with a small procedure done under local anesthesia. After the initial swelling the results are very satisfactory.

Outer Lips surgery (Labia majora)

Women over the age of 35 are usual clientage. Due to pregnancy, weight loss, often the outer lips (labia majora ) are wrinkled and mis shaped. Either removal of extra wrinkles or fat injection into the lips gives a younger, more full appearance

Clitoris piercing

An increasing trend which is being asked for my young women. Rings or studs are being pierced in the clitoris as per the need.

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