Female buttock contouring / Reshaping

During the first visits, the surgeon will discuss you about the possible complications and risks for the procedure. The candidate should seek the surgery for improvement, not for perfection. Because, it cannot assure you perfection. The possible risks and side effects for the procedure may include:

1. Anesthetic complications

2. Bleeding

3. Infection

4. Rupture or butt implant shifting

5. Nerve damage and

6. Asymmetry etc.

You can avoid most of the risks and complications by following the instructions of your surgeon. For this, you should choose the expert surgeon who has vital experience in the field. Usually, there are two techniques that are used for buttock contouring. They are-buttocks implants and fat transfer. For the implant procedure, incisions will be made low on the buttocks. The butt implant will be inserted through this incision.

For the fat transfer procedure, fat from other parts of the body will be transferred to the buttocks. The fat will be injected through a syringe to buttocks.

Normal pain and swelling will be there after the procedure. It may last for first few days after the surgery. There may be invisible scarring in the crease beneath buttocks. It may diminish over time. Numbness can be there after the surgery and this will diminish over time.

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