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Effectively, we can customise the breast shape as well as size and provide you with the kind of breast you have in mind. Having ‘perfect breasts’ is now possible and we can do it for you!

Reduction Mammaplasty Procedure

In this procedure, the excess breast tissues are removed. The internal tissues of the breast tissues are rearranged so as to result in shapelier breasts.

Breast reduction surgery South Delhi can be done in two ways. The first method uses the Wise pattern (also known as T scar pattern). An anchor shaped incision is given with a vertical component as well as a horizontal incision is added to allow removal of extra skin. A vertical short scar pattern is used in the second procedure Generally, the 2nd method is preferred over the first method. This is because this method involves only very small scars. However, it can take almost 3 months for yielding the final breast shape.

The T scar

A scar in the shape of an inverted T is made on the breast. The final breast shape can be observed immediately after the breast reduction surgery South Delhi. The shape may slightly change after a long span.One of the biggest problems is the bottoming out situation that occurs after a few years where the breast becomes more rectangular in its lower quadrant.

The vertical short scar technique

In this method, a perfect vertical scar is made on the breast. In contrast to the earlier method, the scar does not have a horizontal component. Therefore, the incision is made primarily around the areola with a small vertical component. Although there may be a puckered appearance during the initial days, this shall fade away in about 3 months. Compared to the other method, this is preferred and widely performed. The procedure was popularized by Dr. Ruth Graf. Dr. Amit Gupta has obtained extensive training from Dr. Graf and is now one of the reputed surgeons in this field.

This surgery is not a suitable choice for those individuals who have undergone sudden loss of weight. The reason for this condition is the presence of loose skin in the breast portions. The success of the vertical scar procedure depends upon the skin elasticity. For these women, it may be advisable to perform a T-scar technique or consider an augmentation mastopexy.

The Pectoralis Sling procedure

In this procedure, a tissue from the lower breast portion is used as a flap. This flap is employed to increase the upper portion of the breast. The objective is to give an attractive breast shape. To support the breast tissue, a sling made from the pectoralis muscle is employed. The pectoralis muscles are those set of muscles that are situated in the anterior portion of the chest.

Breast reduction surgery South Delhi common problems

This procedure is very safe. However some of the problems which are associated are-:

1. Loss of lactation ability in most patients. Only half the women after surgery are capable of breast-feeding.

2. It takes between 3- 6 months to regain the original sensitivity of the breast.

3. Chances of hemotoma or seroma formation.

Enlarged breasts often have some psychological consequences on the individual. They may be a subject of ridicule due to various reasons. Reasons like ill-fitting of clothes, inability to wear modern clothes, back pain, bra strap marks, infection and sweating underneath the breasts, etc., can significantly decrease the self-esteem of the person. Enlarged breasts may either be from childhood or can develop after childbirth and lactation. Reduction mammoplasty is regarded as the only surgical remedy available for correcting this condition. Reduction mammoplasty is commonly referred to as breast reduction. Other techniques which use the ultrasound or radiofrequency technology may be as successful as this surgery.

doctor doctor

Dr. Amit Gupta is one of the most sought after breast augmentation surgeons in the country. Therefore, the services offered by Dr. Amit Gupta are very much recommended for breast augmentation procedures. He performs all kinds of breast augmentation surgeries like breast lift augmentation, breast lift cosmetic surgery, etc. Hence, queries concerning any breast augmentation procedure can be forwarded to him.

Sagging Breasts (Breast Ptosis) & Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Sagging breasts is normally performed for those women whose breast position is lower than normal. These individuals find it difficult to wear tight dresses.

Physiology of Ptosis: Ptosis the medical condition in which the nipple (areola) is lower than the 5th intercostal space. Based on the kind of deformity, it may be mild, moderate or severe.

Ptosis correction: Augmentation mastopexy is the procedure used to correct mild ptosis. In this procedure, an implant is put for obtaining a normal appearance. The implant is not required in cases where the breast tissue is adequate. A peri-areolar approach leaves virtually no scar on the breast. This is employed for milder cases. For more severe cases, more complex procedures are required. In these cases, the scar fades away over a period of time. The pectoral sling approach is used by the author.

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