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There’s no better expression to being beautiful than being yourself. When you are yourself, you exude a kind of self confidence that is unparalleled. But there’s always room for improvement especially in terms of how you look and that is where Divine comes in.

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Dr. Amit Gupta

Dr. Amit Gupta is one of the recognised and established cosmetic and Aesthetic Surgeon in the South East Asia region. With his comprehensive knowledge of the human body, he has been working as a Cosmetic and Hair Transplant expert from the last 9 years. His Delhi and Gurgaon clinics are suffused up with patients ranging from VIPs/celebrities and who not..

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“Divine Cosmetic procedures not only enhance the physical attributes of an individual, but also significantly affect an individual’s psychological well-being”, says Dr. Gupta. “And, because the results of a cosmetic procedure are longlasting, we take utmost care in counseling our clients before we decide upon a procedure of their choice. We never like to rush into a procedure just because”, he adds.

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Dr Amit Gupta, live on P7 News

Cosmetic Surgeon, Liposuction by Dr Amit Gupta

Dr Amit Gupta, live on ETV

Dr Amit Gupta, on P7 News

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He has numerous International Publications in fields of Surgery, and Plastic Surgery.

Hymen repair surgery is increasingly being asked for particularly in the months preceding the marriage season. There is a sudden spurt in the number of queries around the months of September and October . The reason has been the insecurity of potential brides in facing their new husband, if they have been in relationships before.Read More

Lips are the most aesthetic of the structures on the face. A beautiful lip highlights the beauty of the lip, while a small lip or a lip which does not fit into the face makes it look all wrong. Read More

This was a challenging trip as we drive on the wrong side in India and we planned an exhaustive 2000 mile road trip to thoroughly explore the West Coast, a bit of Sierra Nevada, and most of California. So with my caravan of my wife and 2 kids we just set off, not knowing what lay ahead. Of course we prepared well with driving lessons via the DMV site.Read More

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We are delighted and proud to announce that we have expanded to open a new branch for hair transplants and cosmetic surgeries in Gurgaon and It will be our pleasure to serve you at our new location with the same quality and service you have come to expect of us.

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